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5th World Conference Cuba
7th World Conference Durban
MINEPS V Conference, Berlin

Deputation to international Conference ....

5th World Conference of Physical Education-Havana Cuba (8-10 July 2010) ^ Top

It was because of this link that our Association could have representation at the 5th World Conference of Physical Education held at Havana in Cuba on 8-10 July 2010. Our Working President Dr.G.P.Gautam had taken steps in organizing the tour programme. It was encouragement and assistance of Prof. P.A.Vaidya our President that Dr. G.P. Gautam and Dr.S.H.Deshpande could have opportunity to attend the Conference. Dr.Deshpande did .Paper presentation on ‘Traditional Physical Culture of India’. A Photo exhibition of colorful photographs depicting ancient and modern forms of India’s traditional sports, martial arts and folk dances was also arranged at the venue of the Conference which was viewed by many delegates. Dr. Gautam was given 5-minute time during Closing Ceremony to extend invitation of our forthcoming Global Conference on Traditional Physical Culture & Sports scheduled in July 2013 at Amravati under the auspices of our NAPES. Successful propaganda of the Global Conference was made during the Conference. Colorful and attractive folders of the Global Conference were also distributed to the delegates. The Organizing Committee and the delegates both felt presence of NAPES representatives. The said Conference was organized by ICSSPE and hosted by the INDER –National Institute of Physical Education & Recreation Havana. The two delegates of NAPES were also invited to attend General Assembly meeting of ICSSPE.
It was, indeed, a great achievement of our Association during the first year of its affiliation with the International Body. The ICSSPE has on its website included our Global Event of 2013 in the list of upcoming events.

7th World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education –Durban (S.Africa)     ^ Top

Dr.S.H.Deshpande General Secretary NAPES attended another important international event in December 2010. Mr. Sanjay Hirode Gymnastic Coach of H.V.P.Mandal accompanied him. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had organized 7TH World Conference on Sports, Culture and Education at Durban in South Africa on 5-7 December 2010. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) hosted it. The UNESCO was collaborative partner of IOC in this event. It was inaugurated by Mr. Jacques Rogge President IOC. Many world-class dignitaries had their presence at the Conference. Some important personalities were: Mr. Lambis Nikolaou Chairman of IOC’s Culture and Olympic Education Commission; Mr. Get chew Engida UNESCO Deputy Director General, Mr. Gideon Sam President SASCOC, Mr. Sam Ramsamy IOC Member, Mr. Fikile Mbalula Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa and many other dignitaries.
It was through Plenary and Parallel sessions the speakers dealt with various topics related to the theme of the conference. The unification of Sport, Education and Culture, the Power of Sport, Legacy of a Mega Sporting Event, Value - based Education, Empowerment through Sport Engagement, the Role of Youth in Promoting Inter-cultural Dialogue through Sport, Developing a Culture of Healthy Life styles, Sport as a Model for Education and integration, Place for Sport in Education Curricula, etc were the important topics over which the speakers expressed their thoughts. Dr. S.H.Deshpande Gen. Secretary NAPES with the assistance of Mr. S.S. Hirode personally contacted VIPs like Mr. Jaques Rogge, Mr. Lambis Nikolaou. UNESCO representative, members of International Olympic Committee, and several delegates of different countries including the host country and presented literature of the Global Conference of Traditional Physical Culture and Sport 2013 to be hosted in Amravati India. The VIPs and delegates received it with great interest. The work and mission of NAPES and that of H.V.P.Mandal Amravati were propagated at the Conference.